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Create your own private two-hour Try It class! 


Students are given an introduction to the basics of handbuilding and a demonstration on the potter's wheel.  Then it is time to try it!  The class includes one piece which we will fire in a glaze of your choosing.

Keeping more than one piece is possible for $10/item.

Snacks and refreshments are welcome!

2: $100/person

3-4: $75/person

5-7: $65/person

8: $55/person


*Parties of 9-12: $65/person

Class is THREE hours and taught by two teachers

Contact us with a date and time or two in mind and we will plan your party! 

**Once we settle on a date, time, and number of guests, a deposit page for your party will be issued.  Deposits are 50% of the parties cost and the balance is due the day-of.  Deposits are due within two weeks of the party. Due to limited availability and high demand, cancellations must be confirmed two weeks prior to party date so we can fill the time slot.  Deposits will not be refunded after thatIf booking within the two-week period, deposits are due day of booking and are non-refundable.

We are a small studio, so we greatly appreciate your understanding.


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